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Experience Dolphin Fitness Clubs, located in NYC try state area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. Dolphin Fitness gyms offer a wide selection of exercise machines and cardiovascular equipment, qualified personal trainers, and many additional amenities to make your workout enjoyable. Join Dolphin Fitness today!

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What People Say

“What more could you want? This gym is never crowded, has functioning equipment, personal trainers on site, and it’s less expensive than any other gym that I could find. Throw in living a block away and I’d say you would be crazy not to give this place a chance..”
Member, via Yelp
“I signed up for Dolphin Gym a few months ago and it’s great for what it is, a no-nonsense gym. If you go to a gym for the basis of working out it’s got everything you need—weights, cardio, small studio for yoga/abs”
Member, via Yelp