Start to feel great. Getting Started is Easy! Don't have time to fit exercise into your busy schedule? No Problem. Try our Workout Plan - Dolphin Fitness 30 Minute Total Body Workout.

Just follow easy instructions to beat fat, tone muscle and increase energy. Good for Men and Women, any ages. It takes only 30 minutes 3 times a week!

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WARM UP.Treadmill and streatch – 5-10 minutes

Dumbell Press

3. Dumbell Press

Shoulders – 20 repetitions. Dumbell Press Primary muscle group is shoulders; the secondary group is the triceps.

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4. Standing Dumbell

Arms – 20 repetitions. Standing Dumbell Biceps Curl Primary muscle group is biceps

STOP. CARDIO.Treadmill – 5 minutes

Leg Extention

5. Sitted Leg Extention

Legs (Quads) – 25 repetitions. Keeping your back and head straight, raise the weight until it is straight. Then proceed to lower the weight while holding onto the hand grips on the sides of the machine.

leg curles

6. Leg Curls

Legs (Hamstring) – 25 repetitions. Lie on the machine while hooking your legs underneath the pad.Raise the weight until confortable, while holding on to the hand grips

Toe Raises

7. Toe Raises

Legs (Calves) – 25 repetitions. Place your toes on the edge of a block and lean forward. Lower your heels as far down as possible and then raise them as high as possible. Repeat.

Optional exercises – Inner and outer thighs

Legs Adduction

8. Legs Adduction

Legs (Inner Thighs) – 25 repetitions. Primary muscle group is outer thighs.

Legs Abduction

9. Legs Abduction

Legs (Outer Thighs) – 25 repetitions. Legs Abduction. Primary muscle group is Outer Thighs.

STOP. COOL DOWN Treadmill and stretch – 5 minutes

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