Dumbbell Bent-Over Rows Exercise

Instruction: Place one knee on the bench and the same hand on the bench. The other leg should be extended, but not locked, with foot on the floor. Pull the arm up with the elbow pointing straight back and close to the body. Pause. Lower the weight back. Repeat. [...]

Dumbbell Bent-Over Rows Exercise2023-07-01T14:13:08-04:00

Cable Seated Row Exercise

Instruction: Sit on platform with knees bent and grasp cable attachment. Position knees with a slight bend. Pull cable attachment to waist while straightening lower back. Pull shoulders back and push chest forward during contraction. Return.

Cable Seated Row Exercise2023-07-01T14:13:09-04:00

Pull Ups Exercise

Instruction: Grasp a bar with an wide overhand grip. Pull body up until neck reaches the height of the hands. Lower body. Repeat.

Pull Ups Exercise2023-07-01T14:13:09-04:00

Lat Machine Pulldowns Exercise

Instruction: Take an over grip on the lat machine handles, with your hands several inches apart then your shoulders on each side. Sit up straight with a slight (natural) arch in the back Pull the pulley straight down in front of your body. Return.

Lat Machine Pulldowns Exercise2023-07-01T14:13:10-04:00


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