addo-fitness-trainingAddo is a competitive bodybuilder with an amazing physique. He believes in natural bodybuilding, eating healthy food, rest and peace of mind. Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, he started focusing on working out and bodybuilding at age 18 in Accra (the capital city) and competing there at 24. He won the Mr. Ghana title twice, the top bodybuilding contest in his country. In 1999, Addo moved to New York City where he continues to bodybuild. He has already won several U.S. competitions.

“Everybody who is alive and eating needs to exercise. I recommend that people make exercise a part of their regular activity, just like they have to go to work.

There are so many ways of exercising. I really believe in power walking. In 25 to 30 minutes, you can achieve your maximum heart rate and burn 200 or 300 calories.

Even if you only do this, gradually you’ll be able to lose weight.
Stretching and resistance training are essential too.

I don’t believe in long training sessions,

[and feel] people should not spend [too much time] in the gym. If you know what to do, you can get out of there quickly and will never get bored.”

My workout is about an hour, including aerobics, resistance training and stretching.

Normally 10 to 15 minutes is aerobic, because I also do a lot of other aerobic activity like walking, running and swimming.

If you don’t do other physical activities during the day, 25 to 30 minutes should be spent on aerobics – depending on how long it takes to achieve your maximum heart rate.

I really believe in dumbbell workouts because, when I started, this was the only available equipment and it has worked very well for me.

I don’t believe in extremely heavy poundage because I don’t want to injure my tendons, ligaments, etc.

I believe in very intense workouts, with more repetitions, and working the bigger muscles in the body first – like the legs, chest, shoulders and back.

All intermediate and advanced bodybuilders specialize in what they need most to make the greatest progress. Right now, I am specializing in my calves, forearms, triceps, and trapezius muscles.

I do weight training three or four times a week to build various muscles.
When I try to bulk up, most of it is heavy exercise. Weight training is one-day on, one-day off because the muscles need 24-48 hours to recover.

I do a full aerobic workout twice per week on the Brooklyn Bridge; swimming; or stationary bicycling in the gym. I take off at least one day on the weekends – and often both Saturday and Sunday – to give my body a full rest.