Angela Lamberti, pictured above, is one of Dolphin Fitness’ greatest success stories. After joining our gym in 2012, she’s lost over 328 lbs, down from a high of 498lbs (she currently weighs an astonishing   – 170 lbs)!

“I remember sitting on the bus, being embarrassed because I would take up two seats. Going to amusement parks with my son, but I couldn’t get on any of the rides,” Angela remembers. “One of my main motivations for getting healthy was my son – I wanted to maintain longevity. To remain healthy and be there for him as he got older. There were many things in my life that I couldn’t control – but losing weight wasn’t one of ‘em.”

Beginning her training with several of Dolphin’s in-house trainers, Holly & Angie, Angela focused on a training regimen of cardio & lifting, 5 days a week. As the results started to show, Angela gained momentum, and started noticing other, peripheral benefits:

“I felt like I was peeling back layers of negativity. I gained self-love, self-discovery, I gained years to my life, inner strength, and passion – plus, it made me want to pay it forward. I gained knowledge and want to be able to motivate anyone who doesn’t believe in themselves.

Angela also credits Dolphin Fitness as a major factor in her inspiring lifestyle change: “I gained not just a gym, but a family. We have such a big family in this gym that it helps make so much possible – you get so much support! Instead of turning to negative alternatives, I decided to go to the gym and dump all my negatives – and burn them into positives!”

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