Dumbbell Bench Press Good form in any exercise means to have control at all times, control when lowering the weights, raising the weights, never dropping or bouncing them. No squirming or heaving.

When doing a bench press, lower the bar under control to your chest, touch your rib cage a little below the nipples, and then with controlled explosion, drive the bar back up, with the bar being kept horizontal. If you lower the bar to quickly that it almost crashes into your rib cage or you exaggerate the range of motion, bounce, twist, squirm and arch excessively to get the bar back up, with one hand leading the other, and one shoulder coming off the bench, that’s an injury waiting to happen. If you train in this style with any exercise your training career will be a short one.

Another sure-fire way to get injured is to add weight quicker than your body can handle it. safe workouts
In the early part of a workout, when you are using lighter weights that can easily lift, you can increase the weights by 5 to 10 pounds at a time and overall 5 pounds per week (more for larger body parts like legs). Trying to add weight too quickly is setting yourself up for injury.

Properly done workouts with weights can be a very safe activity, incorrectly done or abused workouts will lead to injury. When you are impatient or are showing off, you often use sloppy form. If you push yourself too far, you may injure yourself and may need weeks or months of recovery.

Muscle building and overall strength does not happen fast, and it can’t be hurried by using poor exercise form. Always respect your limitations. Ignore crazy exercises or advise that makes no sense and use spotters when at all possible.

Some tips that will help you in a more effective and safe workout are:

  • Always warm up with lighter, easier weights, before you get into your workout
  • Don’t train when injured
  • Don’t try and train through pain

If symptoms and pains persist get checked by a chiropractor that specializes in sports injuries. Working out with pain may lead to permanent injury. Don’t abuse your body now and pay the price later!

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