Many gym goers tend to focus most of their time on the “show” muscles (chest, biceps and abs) but neglecting your back isn’t a great idea for either appearance or performance. Building a strong, stable and healthy back can reduce the pain that you feel at the end of a long day and a strong, wide back and also helps broaden the upper body and make the waist appear narrower (often referred to as a V-taper) creating a much more appealing and sexy overall look.

Here are some Top Exercises for Building a Bigger and stronger back:

There is a little bit of controversy that surrounds this lift as some people tend to think the potential dangers can outweigh the positive results. In all seriousness though, if you perform the deadlift properly it isn’t any more dangerous than any other popular free weight exercise.

Performing deadlifts as part of your training routine works the lower back, trapezius (the muscles at the very top of your back from your neck to your shoulders and down the middle of your back), lats (your upper back and the biggest part of the V-taper), your hamstrings and glutes.

While many strength enthusiasts think that the squat is the king of all exercises, the deadlift could certainly be in contention for that title.

You don’t need to go too heavy for the deadlift to build a stronger, healthier back. Perform three sets with a weight that you can handle for 8-12 reps without sacrificing good form. When you can do 15 reps in good form it is time to increase the weight.

Rows can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells with a variety of hand positions or from a seated position on a machine with a variety of handle attachments.

Whatever style of row you prefer – they need to be a part of your back workout for a stronger, sexier back.

Rows are an excellent exercise for working the middle and upper back, adding the mass and thickness to broaden your upper body.

Use different varieties of rows in your workout to hit muscles from different angles for a complete and intense back workout.

Three sets of 8-12 reps of one armed dumbbell rows (http://www.acefitness.org/acefit/exercise-library-details/3/126/) followed by three sets of 8-12 reps of seated rows (http://www.acefitness.org/acefit/exercise-library-details/3/48/) are an excellent follow up to deadlifts to build a stronger back.

Pull Ups
The pull up is really where the V-taper is made. This fantastic exercise can be performed in the gym, in your home via a portable pull up bar, on the playground or even from a sturdy tree branch to build a wider, stronger back.
The pull up is also easy to modify which helps to keep interesting and improve results.

By switching hand positions (wide grip, narrow grip, etc.) you can put the focus on different areas of your back to maximize your potential results.

The pull up absolutely blasts the lats, the muscle that makes your back wider and creates the upper body that will turn heads. Use the pull up as a finisher to your back workout with three sets to failure after your deadlifts and rows are completed.

Check out the pull up exercise info here https://dolphinfitnessclubs.com/workouts/back-exercises/pull-ups-exercise/

Work your back 1-2 days per week on the same day that you work your biceps or on 2-3 non-consecutive days as part of a full body workout. Focusing some effort on developing and strengthening you back will improve how you feel and put you on the fast track to the better looking upper body that you’ve been longing for.

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