Using Resistance Exercise to Burn Excess Body Fat

Trimming away excess fat around the midsection (and rest of the body) is one of the primary goals of folks who spend time in the gym.  There are a number of theories on “the best” method of burning fat – from performing multiple cardio sessions per day to completely avoiding certain subsections of food while [...]

Using Resistance Exercise to Burn Excess Body Fat2023-07-01T14:12:47-04:00

Free Weights vs. Resistance Machines

The debate over the most ideal training modality between free weights and resistance training machines has raged on for years and both sides still have very strong advocates and very strong critiques.  Ask a bodybuilder, a personal trainer, a powerlifter and a football player (or other major sport athlete) which is the better route to [...]

Free Weights vs. Resistance Machines2023-07-01T14:12:50-04:00

Awesome Ashanti Fitness Training

Addo is a competitive bodybuilder with an amazing physique. He believes in natural bodybuilding, eating healthy food, rest and peace of mind. Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, he started focusing on working out and bodybuilding at age 18 in Accra (the capital city) and competing there at 24. He won the Mr. Ghana [...]

Awesome Ashanti Fitness Training2023-07-01T14:13:03-04:00


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