Cardiovascular Exercise: Why It’s Important for a Healthy Living

Cardiovascular fitness also known as cardiorespiratory exercise is very important for a healthy living. Some may not realize the heart is the most important muscle in your body and controls oxygen to all other muscles. Cardiovascular exercise helps supply oxygen-rich blood to working muscles, while helping add energy for movement. Not only does Cardiovascular exercise [...]

Cardiovascular Exercise: Why It’s Important for a Healthy Living2016-11-14T01:28:16-05:00

Free Weights vs. Resistance Machines

The debate over the most ideal training modality between free weights and resistance training machines has raged on for years and both sides still have very strong advocates and very strong critiques.  Ask a bodybuilder, a personal trainer, a powerlifter and a football player (or other major sport athlete) which is the better route to [...]

Free Weights vs. Resistance Machines2016-11-14T01:28:16-05:00

Heavy Weights and Low Volume vs. Light Weights and High Volume for Building Muscle

As a new trainee, or even a trainee with moderate experience, the question of intensity and volume in the gym can be very difficult to wrap your head around.  To further complicate the issue, upon looking around the gym at different times of day you’ll likely see some folks with tremendous physiques hauling up some [...]

Heavy Weights and Low Volume vs. Light Weights and High Volume for Building Muscle2016-11-14T01:28:16-05:00

Strength Training Tips for Beginners

Whether you want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass or  burn calories more efficiently, you need to include strength training as a part of your routine. When you first start out in the gym it can seem intimidating.  There are so many things you could be doing, and everyone else there seems to [...]

Strength Training Tips for Beginners2016-11-14T01:28:16-05:00

Flatten Your Stomach with Seated Ab Crunches Exercise

Seated Ab Crunches Exercise is one of those classic exercise which helps your to tighten your stomach and burn calories so you can look great especially for the upcoming beach season! Watch Jon Padilla, a personal trainer at Dolphin Fitness Bay Ridge PKWY, Brooklyn demonstrating a proper form and technique for Seated Ab Crunches Exercise [...]

Flatten Your Stomach with Seated Ab Crunches Exercise2016-11-14T01:28:16-05:00

Tone Your Legs with Leg Extension Exercise

Leg Extension is a resistance training exercise that targets that targets quadricep muscles or quads. Quadricep is a large muscle group that forms a large mass which covers the front and sides of the femur. This exercise is great exercise to strengthen your legs and knees. For this exercise use a leg extension machine at [...]

Tone Your Legs with Leg Extension Exercise2016-11-14T01:28:16-05:00

Leg Exercise: Seated Calf Raise

Watch Dolphin Fitness Gym Personal Trainer Jon demonstrating Seated Calf Raise Exercise at Dolphin Gym Bay Ridge PKWY location. Alternatively, you can do Standing Calf Raises demonstrated by personal trainer Holly. Seated Calf Raise is a classic resistance training exercises to build and strengthen your calves. Specifically it targets your Soleus and Gastrocnemius muscles. To [...]

Leg Exercise: Seated Calf Raise2016-11-14T01:28:16-05:00

Tone Inner Thighs with Leg Adduction Exercise

To tone your thighs you need to target the adductor muscles which are located along the inside of your thigh. The Adduction exercises strengthen, tone and tighten these muscles. For this exercise, use the adductor machine at your nearest Dolphin Fitness Gym location Watch Dolphin Fitness Trainer, Holly, demonstrating Leg Adduction Exercise at Dolphin Fitness [...]

Tone Inner Thighs with Leg Adduction Exercise2016-11-14T01:28:16-05:00

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