Tighten Your Thighs and Glutes with Hamstring Curl Exercise

Tighten your legs with the hamstring curl exercise. The exercise targets thighs, back of your legs such as hamstrings and glutes. Watch Personal Trainer, Holly, demonstrating Hamstring Curl Exercise at Dolphin Fitness Bensonhurst, Brooklyn gym location. Do 10 to 15 reps, 3 sets, each leg, usually during your leg workout day. Use hamstring resistance machine [...]

Keys to Effective Weight Loss

Fitness experts say there is no “magic bullet” (ARA) - The percentage of overweight Americans has increased considerably in the past 20 years. You’ve probably seen the statistics. Moreover, you may be one of the statistics: More than 50 percent of adults in the United States are overweight or obese, and more than 33 percent [...]

Make Healthy Eating and Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

(ARA) - Carbohydrates are good. Carbohydrates are bad. You should eat more protein. You should eat less protein. The less fat you have in your diet, the better. Your body needs a certain amount of fat to function properly. You need to exercise for 30 minutes a day; now the experts recommend 60 minutes. What [...]

Bodybuilding Tips: Avoiding Neck Problems

Improper training technique is one of several reasons why weight trainers can experience neck problems. Have you ever caught yourself trying to stretch, crack or loosen your neck? Tightness and pressure in that area usually indicates that there is a misalignment of the bones in the neck with possible ligament and tendon laxity and instability. [...]

Exercise Tips: Maybe You’re Over Training?

Over training can occur as a result of working out too often, too heavy and outside of the gym stressors, such as physically demanding jobs. Training too much and too often even if you are using perfect form will eventually wear you down and cause injury. You can help yourself by not working out too [...]

Safe Workout Tips

Good form in any exercise means to have control at all times, control when lowering the weights, raising the weights, never dropping or bouncing them. No squirming or heaving. When doing a bench press, lower the bar under control to your chest, touch your rib cage a little below the nipples, and then with controlled [...]